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New Tobacco Seed Varieties MIXED PACK FOR JUST 0.015 BTC*

We are simply giving away our seeds to Bitcoin customers. This special Price is a third of our normal RRP price of $20.85

These 3 varieties when combined in different quantities can provide an endless array of blends and flavours of tobacco for both cigarettes and pipes.

Virtually all cigarette and pipe tobacco comprise of just these 3 varieties.

You get no less than 50 seeds of each of the types Virginian Gold # 2, Tennessee Burley & Turkish Basma (over 150 in all). More than enough for most gardens!

The seeds are labelled and are also colour coded (pink, green and yellow respectively), so you'll know them apart.

In addition to the discounted price, there's no shipping charges when you buy with Bitcoin.


You can also buy Virginian Gold seeds with Bitcoin.






(*Payments processed by BitPay. 0.015 btc was worth $6.07 on 9/25/14!


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Pelleted seeds large enough to be picked up by hand. Wow!!