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Contrary to popular belief, growing tobacco is perfectly legal almost anywhere in the world. In fact we are not aware of there being any country where it is not allowed.

Growing tobacco is not only fun and easy, it can also save you a fortune. Providing you do not intend to sell your tobacco, you can grow as much as you like.

And if you are fed up giving away good money to Big Brother and Big Business, there is a way to get your own back. Grow your own!

Apart from the cost of buying ready-made tobacco, there is also what else you get for your money. The number of known additives put into tobacco by manufacturers is enough to make you sick.

Popular tobacco seed varieties - Why not try some of these classic names?

Virginian Gold # 1, Dark Virginian, Burley Original, Turkish Izmir, Turkish Black Sea Samsun, Cuban Havana,

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Growing tobacco won't get you locked up.
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